Playground Grass™: Revolutionizing Artificial Playground Turf 

Developed by ForeverLawn®, our Playground Grass™was designed to hold up to the extreme traffic a playground surface endures. ForeverLawn® has devised a unique blade structure and new yarn in our artificial playground turf that resists wear up to four times that of other artificial playground turf products. We have a revolutionary new seaming system that insures that your kids will wear out before our seams do.

Our artificial playground turf is lush, beautiful green Playground Grass™ that is safe for kids to play on, soft to fall on, allergen free and cost effective.

  • Attractive appearance.
  • Maintenance free.
  • Cost effective.
  • Long lasting.
  • Soft surface for kids.

Enhance Your Day Care with Artificial Playground Turf

ForeverLawn® is growing in popularity with day care facilities all along the East coast.  Designed with children's safety in mind, our artificial playground turf is designed to hold up to the extreme traffic a playground surface endures. Playground Grass™ is a product that not only your current children will enjoy, but it will add a selling feature to your facility!

day care playground

Design the Playground of Your Dreams Right in Your Backyard

Whether you're in the beginning stages of designing your playground, or your playground has existed for years: ForeverLawn® has the industry leading artificial playground turf to make your playground complete. We also have an extremely knowledgeable staff that can work along side your architect, landscape designer, and/or project manager.

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